How To Change Your Player Colors In Stronghold 2

It's been said that if you want to know how to change your player colors in "Stronghold 2" that you'll need to learn some fancy modding or coding skills. Not true, however, if you want to make a quick change to your ally players so you can easily recognize them during the game. Color control is available within the game, but some players don't notice it or have picked the wrong character when they started, thus preventing them from changing player colors in "Stronghold 2."

  1. Start the game and choose the Kingmaker as your character. This is the crucial step many players get wrong. They don't realize that the Kingmaker is the only player who can control the color of the other members of his team. As the Kingmaker, you'll determine what your allies in "Stronghold 2" look like. Not only is customization just plain fun, but setting them as a nice right color lets you easily identify them during the heat of battle.
  2. Wait for the settings menu to open. It will load after you pick your Kingmaker character. When it does, you'll see several setting's options. Feel free to change any you wish, but make sure to click on the option with the picture of a colored shield when you're to change your team's colors.
  3. Choose the colors for your "Stronghold 2" team. Stick with a calm, neutral color or go wild and dress your team up like a brightly colored parade. Just don't be surprised if your enemies in "Stronghold 2" spot you from a mile away.
  4. Start the match to save your settings. Once you've started a "Stronghold 2" game, it saves your colors and you'll notice your allies are now dressed in the color scheme you picked for them.
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