How To Change Your Screensaver On Vista

Looking for directions on how to change your screensaver on Vista? Microsoft Vista is a very user friendly operating system, which means you are able to change your screensaver within a minute or two. You can use one of the screensavers that came installed with your copy of Microsoft Vista, or you can use a screensaver that you downloaded on your own.

To change your screensaver on Vista, you will need:

  • A computer
  • Microsoft Vista
  1. Accessing Your Screensaver Settings. To change your screensaver on Microsoft Vista, you will need to access your screensaver settings. To access your screensaver settings on Vista, you will need to click on your Start button and then Control Panel. When your Control Panel opens in Vista, click on Appearances and Personalization and then Personalization. Once the Personalization screen loads, click on Screen Saver.
  2. Selecting A Screensaver. You should notice a drop-down list when you open your screensaver settings in Vista. Using the drop-down list, you will need to select the screensaver that you would like to use. If you would like to see what the screensaver you are looking at looks like, click on the Preview button.
  3. Changing Your Screensaver. Now that you have selected a screensaver to use, you are ready to change your screensaver on Vista. To change your screensaver on Vista, simply click on the OK button.


  • You are unable to uninstall any of the screensavers that came with Vista, but you can download and install screensavers from third party companies.



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