How To Change Your Voice On The Phone

Learning how to change your voice on the phone may not be as difficult as you may think. Changing your voice on the phone can be fun to play pranks on friends or to help rid of unwanted callers. You can change the pitch of your voice; distort your voice using a voice distorter or a towel. Whatever your reason for wanting to change your voice, there are a several things that you can do to change your voice on the phone.

To change your voice on the phone you need:

  • a phone
  • voice distorter
  • towel
  • helium
  1. Use a voice distorter. A voice distorter is used to make your voice sound unnatural, such a chipmunk or a robot voice. The person on the other end of the phone will most likely not know it is you when you use a voice distorter. They should not even be able to identify your age or gender.
  2. Cover the phone receiver with a towel. This will give your voice a muffled sound that will make you voice unrecognizable to someone on the phone. This works really well, especially if that person does not know your voice that well.
  3. Inhale helium right before you speak on the phone. Helium will make your voice sound very funny and high-pitched. This will definitely not make you sound like yourself. Helium only last for a short amount of time so be sure to keep the call short or have helium handy.
  4. Hold your nose while you speak on the phone. If you are looking to do and annoying voice over the phone, this is definitely the thing to do. Holding your nose will give your voice a very nasal sound and your words may not all come out clearly. For example if you are trying to say map it will probably come out sounding like nap or vise versa.
  5. Learn to speak with a foreign accent. You can pretend that you don't speak English very well. This works especially well when you are trying to get rid of unwanted callers. If it is someone that you know well who you want to fool over the phone practice rising and lowering your pitch as well in addition to the foreign accent. Practice this until you get good enough to where you can keep your voice disguised without switching back and forth to your normal voice.
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