How To Changie Oil In A 1997 Honda Accord

If you own a 1997 Honda Accord you may be wondering how to changie oil in a 1997 Honda Accord. Luckily the process to change oil in a 1997 Honda Accord is very similar to that of any other vehicle and does not require very many special tools. If you have never changed oil in your Honda Accord or any other vehicle, it will be a difficult process the first time. If you have experience changing oil, the process to change oil in your 1997 Honda Accord will be very easy.

What you will need:

  • Socket Wrench
  • 4-5 Quarts of Oil (Synthetic recommended)
  • Replacement oil filter
  • Oil filter wrench
  • Oil collection pan
  • Tarp or old blanket (recommended)
  • Ramps (recommended)
  1. Elevate your 1997 Honda Accord. Using ramps, elevate your Honda Accord by driving up the ramps. You may also use a curb to elevate the car. If you do not need to elevate your Honda Accord to fit beneath it comfortably, then ignore this step. Do not use a car jack, it is not sufficient to hold your Honda Accord while you are working under it.
  2. Cover the ground. Using a tarp or old blanket cover the ground under the engine compartment of your Honda Accord. This will protect the ground, your grass or your driveway from nasty oil stains.
  3. Remove the oil plug from the oil pan. Locate the oil pan near the front center of the engine compartment on the underside of your Honda Accord. Unscrew the oil plug carefully with the socket wrench. Take great care with the last few turns of the oil plug, place the oil collection pan up against the oil pan on your Honda Accord. Allow the oil plug to drop into the oil collection pan, along with as much oil as will drain out.
  4. Remove the oil filter. Remove the oil filter with the oil filter wrench. The oil filter is located close to the oil pan. Once you remove the oil filter, allow the excess oil to drain into the oil collection pan. Ensure that the rubber seal for the old oil filter is not stuck in place, as this will cause problems.
  5. Replace the oil plug and oil filter. Replace the oil plug and the oil filter on your Honda Accord. Make sure they are securely in position and tightened all the way.
  6. Replace the oil. Replace the oil in your Honda Accord as you would normally add oil. The 1997 Honda Accord takes approximately four and a half quarts of oil; however, you may need slightly more or slightly less.
  7. Clean up. Clean up the ground around your Honda Accord and properly dispose of the used oil per local laws.


  • Local laws stop you from simply throwing away used oil from your Honda Accord, you typically need to recycle it.
  • Always use the proper tools to make changing the oil in your 1997 Honda Accord easiest.
  • For specific information on which oil filter or oil type consult the maintenance manual for your 1997 Honda Accord.
  • Oil filter wrenches and replacement oil and filters for your 1997 Honda Accord can be purchased at any automotive store and some large department stores.
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