How To Charge The Battery In A Sony MP3 Player

Learning how to charge the battery in a Sony mp3 player is relatively easy. The battery occasionally gets low on your mp3 player, depending on how much you use it. It is important that you charge your Sony mp3 player when you first notice that it is low to prevent the battery from completely dying. It is very easy and convenient to use a PC or laptop to charge your mp3 player battery.

To charge the batter in a Sony mp3 player you will need:

  • Sony mp3 player
  • computer
  • USB cable
  1. Turn your computer on. Your Sony mp3 player will only charge if your computer is turned on and powered up. If you are using a laptop, make sure that it is charged. You need power coming from your computer in order for it to give out power to be able to charge your Sony mp3 player.
  2. Turn on the Sony mp3 player, even if the battery player is out of battery or almost dead. This will allow the mp3 player to charge correctly and get a full charge.
  3. Plug the USB cord into the Sony mp3 player. The cord port is located on the side or the top of the mp3 player. Make sure that you plug in the cord in correctly to keep from damaging your mp3 player.
  4. Plug the other end of the USB cable into your computer. Your computer USB port is located on either side of the computer.
  5. Fully charge the battery on the Sony mp3 player. Once the USB cable is plugged up the mp3 player and the computer, it will begin to charge. Let the mp3 player sit for a few hours until the battery is fully charged.



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