How To Charge Gel Motorcycle Battery

Motorcycle battery dying and need to know how to charge a gel motorcycle battery? Just like cars, motorcycle batteries will eventually die after being used so much. Instead of immediately replacing your motorcycle battery, you can try to charge it first to give it a jump and give yourself a little more time until you have to purchase a new battery. Motorcycle batteries are not as common as car batteries and are usually a lot more expensive. Learning how to charge a gel motorcycle battery is not that difficult and is worth your time.

To charge a gel motorcycle battery you will need:

  • Battery charger
  • Motorcycle battery
  1. Find your battery. You can look online or in your owners manual to find out exactly where you gel motorcycle battery is located. Every make and model can have a different location for the battery.
  2. Plug in the battery charger. Find an empty electrical socket to plug the battery charger. Turn on the charger and make sure it works prior to attempting to use it on the battery.
  3. Hook up the gel motorcycle battery to the battery charger. Once the battery charger is plugged in and you've verified that it works fine, you will connect the battery charger to the gel motorcycle battery. Connect the positive cable first to the positive connection on the battery and then connect the negative cable to the negative connection on the battery.
  4. Charge the battery. Turn on the battery charger. Charge the battery until it is fully charged. How long you charge the battery will depend on how low the battery charge is. It can possibly take up to 24 hours.
  5. Remove the battery charger from the battery. Turn the battery charger off when the gel motorcycle battery is fully charged. Disconnect the cables from the battery one at a time. Unplug the battery charger from the electrical socket. Your gel motorcycle battery should be good to go for a while longer.
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