How To Charge A Motorcycle Battery

Knowing how to charge a motorcycle battery can get you back on the road with a minimum amount of hassle. Motorcycle batteries might go dead for any number of reasons, and if the battery is not past its useful life a good charge will bring it right back in service. Charging a motorcycle battery is something every motorcycle owner can handle.

To charge a motorcycle battery, you will need:

  • A low amp 12 volt battery charger
  • Basic hand tools (usually the tool kit that came with the motorcycle)
  • A soft towel
  • Distilled water
  1. Read your owner's manual if you have it. The owner's manual will specify the location of the battery on your motorcycle model. Some models require removing the seat to access the battery compartment, others have a side panel for battery access.
  2. Cover the motorcycle tank or area near where you are working with a soft towel. Open the battery compartment carefully. When unbolting the seat or opening panels, some bolts may be on tight and you may slip with a tool. The towel helps protect the motorcycle from damage.
  3. Remove the negative battery cable first, then remove the positive. This helps protect you against shock.
  4. If you don't have a maintenance free battery, check the electrolyte levels. Add distilled water if needed to bring up the levels to the marked amount.
  5. Connect the battery to the 12 volt charger. A low amp battery charger is best for motorcycle batteries. Follow the manufacturer's recommended settings for charging.
  6. Once the battery has charged, re-install the battery. Connect the positive cable first, then the negative cable.
  7. Put the battery compartment or seat back on the motorcycle. This completes the re-installation.
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