How To Charge A Nikon Cool Pix Camera

When the battery power runs low in a Nikon Cool Pix camera, these instructions on how to charge a Nikon Cool Pix camera will come in handy.  This camera uses a rechargeable Li-ion battery.  Make sure to charge the battery with the battery charger "MH-63", before first use or when the battery is running low.  Here is the steps on how to charge a Nikon Cool Pix camera:

  1. Connect the Power Cable.  Connect the power cord to the battery charger and plug into the wall outlet.  There will be a small light that appears on the charger indicating that there is power to the charger.
  2. Charge the Battery.  Insert the battery inside the charger.  The battery is found in the battery chamber of the camera. Slide the chamber door open to retrieve battery when the camera is powered off.  Once the battery is inserted inside the charger the charge lamp indicator starts blinking.  If the light is flickering the battery is not inserted correctly.  This is an important step on how to charge a Nikon Cool Pix Camera.
  3. Remove the Battery.  When the charge lamp indicator stops blinking this means the battery is fully charged.  Remove the battery, insert battery back into camera, and unplug the charger from the wall outlet.  The camera is now fully charges and ready for use.

Knowing how to charge a Nikon Cool Pix camera is very important.  Please make sure to note that the supplied battery charger is for use only with the rechargeable Li-ion Battery.  Be sure to use only Nikon brand rechargeable batteries.



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