How To Charm Married Women

Learning how to charm married women is something that every guy dreams about. Married women are definitely one of the hardest targets in the pick-up world. To be able to charm a married woman, there are several things that you are going to need to make your game stick.

  1. Be the challenge. When you’re trying to charm a married woman, you need to turn the situation over. She’s not the challenge: you are. Tease her about how she’s married and you would be very interested if she was single. This will test her will and give you an advantage.
  2. Tell her what she’s missing. Don’t talk about how you hook-up with girls all the time, but remind her about the chase. Being able to go out on the town with friends and live a life with minimal responsibilities is something that all married women miss. They may never admit it, but they do miss it. Remind them what they’re missing and you’ll have them ready to go back to that life even it’s just for one night.
  3. Let her tell you what is wrong with her relationship. Married women always need a shoulder to cry on. This will probably be with other women so you need to break down the barrier. Allow her to become comfortable with you so she can start seeing what is wrong with her current relationship and why she needs to be with you.
  4. Don’t make the first move. Always allow her to make the first move. This will save you a lot of embarrassment if she isn’t interested. This will also serve as a good way for you to set up the challenge as mentioned before. You don’t want to be too easy. Letting her make the first move will allow for this.
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