How To Chat On Twitter

Chatting on twitter is probably one of the easiest things you can do online. Twitter is a site that is made to be simple and structures its platform accordingly. There are a few ways you can chat on this website but nothing too much that will scare you away. Below, find out all the ways chatting can be conducted on this incredible site. 

  1. Chat using their standard "tweet" box. This tweet text box will only allow you a max of 140 characters in its space, but this should be enough for you to say what you need to say. It is also good to use keywords that relate to your tweet in order to target your tweet message. This is key because you can't attach meta tags or keywords separately with your tweets.
  2. Chat with friends and followers. When you post a tweet on twitter all your friends and followers will see it. You can post something as silly as "I'm going to work." Twitter is just a way for fans, friends and followers to know your every move online and in the real world, so they are up-to-date on your happenings.
  3. Send a direct message on Twitter. You can send direct messages on Twitter, but only to people who follow you. Select a person from your "follow" list and fill in the tweet box with your message, after that just hit send.
  4. Create a niche audience on Twitter. This is good, if you have a business on Twitter. Tweet your messages to a target audience to increase the relevant traffic and sales from your page.
  5. Retweet your messages. If you have an important message that you need to get out a second time, you can do this by going to your profile page. Copy a message that you tweeted before and then paste it in the tweet box on your home page. You can also "retweet" messages for big companies and they will pay you a certain amount of money per tweet.
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