How To Cheat On call Of Duty 4 Online

By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can learn about how to cheat on "Call of Duty 4" online. Use all, or only a few of the cheats listed below in order to get further in the game. Your friends will be begging you to tell them how to do it!

  1. "Call of Duty" noir cheat. This cheat enables you to change the picture to black and white, thus making vision much easier. To activate this advantageous cheat, collect two Intel pieces.
  2. "Call of Duty" photo-negative cheat. This cheat allows you to reverse the color values on the visual picture. Activate this cheat by collecting four of the intel pieces.
  3. "Call of Duty" super contrast cheat. By collecting another two intel pieces (for a total of six), you can activate the "super contrast" cheat. This cheat allows you to increase the visual contrast of the game.
  4. "Call of Duty" ragtime warfare cheat. Adding another two intel pieces to your collection (now you have eight) changes the visual picture to a septia tone, similar to old silent movies.
  5. "Call of Duty" cluster bombs cheat. With ten intel pieces, you can maximize the power of your grenades. With this cheat, you can throw one grenade that has the power of five grenades!
  6. "Call of Duty" a bad year cheat. With fifteen intel pieces, you can force any of the enemies that you shoot to explode completely.
  7. "Call of Duty" slow motion ability cheat. One of the best all-around cheats with this game, slow motion allows you to slow the game down to 40 percent of its actual speed. In order to obtain this cheat, you must collect twenty intel pieces.
  8. "Call of Duty" infinite ammo cheat. Finally, with 30 pieces of intel, you can ensure that your guns never run out of ammunition.



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