How To Cheat At Golf

When learning how to cheat at golf, you have to be a good liar and be very sneaky. Cheating at golf is simple when you have a trusting, play-by-the rules opponent and you appear to be the same thing to them. Here are a few ideas for the beginner at cheating at golf:

  1.  Cheat at golf by kicking or tossing the ball. When you want your ball closer to the hole, or you want it out of the woods, sometimes you have to help the ball a little. Obviously, this is best done discreetly and when you're opponent is busy elsewhere. Never overkick the ball either, as only the dumbest opponent wouldn't notice. You can gain a little distance this way. You can also toss the ball out of the woods and then act surprised that you didn't find it in the woods where you thought you had hit. You can also kick your opponent's ball, or better yet, stomp it into the ground to make it harder to hit.
  2. Cheat at golf by changing the score. When you have the scorecard and a pencil in your hand, cheating at golf is a piece of cake. When your opponent is frustrated at their bad hole, you can easily change the scores. Your opponent will be having enough time trying to figure it out in their head that they won't be able to know for sure if what you wrote down was right or not. If your opponent is a stickler or a really good player, this can be trickier to do.
  3. "Accidentally" get in your opponents line of vision. When learning how to cheat at golf, sometimes playing dumb works well. When you opponent is about to make their swing, make sure you're positioned just within their line of vision. Make sure it doesn't appear intentional. Swat at a fly or bee for added affect, but never take it too far.
  4. Cheat at golf by faking ability. If you're an excellent golfer, but not on any tour, you can still have fun cheating others. You have to be an excellent actor, and pretend to be a beginner at golf.  Persuade your greedy opponents to take bets, such as buying drinks, just for fun. Then you have to make a few "lucky shots" just when it matters most. Of course, this trick won't work on the same opponent twice.
  5. Cell phones are a great too for cheating at golf. Oops, you forgot to turn off your cell phone or mute the ringer. It just happens to ring when your opponent is taking a swing. Purely by accident, of course. You didn't set an alarm to ring at a specific time. You would never do that. Of course, this trick only works once as your opponent will make sure your phone is off or muted after that.
  6. Learn how to cheat at golf by reading a good book. Yes, there is actually a book that will teach you how to cheat at golf. It's a cartoon book, but the ideas are still useable. It will also make the cheating golfer in you laugh.
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