How To Cheat At Online Poker

In this anonymous, technical world we live in, is it really a surprise that so many people learn how to cheat at poker to try to get ahead in life? You may not be imagining it, nor are you being paranoid.  Unfortunately, it happens all the time, especially with Texas Hold Em. There really are many deviant people who prey on the weak. The anonymity of the Internet allows these thieves to easily cheat.  They can take on different personalities and personas, while flying under the web’s radar. However, those that know how to cheat at poker online would probably be too nervous to try to pull these stunts in Vegas.

There are many ways to learn how to cheat at poker. Moreover, the poker site’s owner may even be in on the cheating and hacking.  Here are just a few of the common ways the poker cheater can relieve you of your cash.

  1. Robot, or “Bot” poker cheats. For those “on the go” ne’re-do-wells that are too busy, or too dumb to play poker online in person, a bot is used as their proxy—and they frequently win.  The problem with this is, an honest site with tight online security can often become aware of a non-human entity when it becomes obvious that it has played consistently for 40 hours, without taking a bathroom time-out.
  2. Software or specialized program poker cheats. These poker cheats boast of a unique tracking system that allows the opponent’s to track every player’s hand at an e-poker table. Trouble with these poker cheats, it takes so long to log your hand and try to track the other player’s possible hand odds that you might as well be in a coma for all the good it will do you.  However, there are many who have learned how to cheat at poker with these types of software.  
  3. Cord cutting. Sometimes people realize their poker hand will not hold up.  Hoping the house poker monitors will let their wager “stand,” they intentionally disconnect from the web. Others will raise the bet, wait for the “call,” then disconnect.  They are hoping to nab some of cash on the protest afterwards. However, most of the time there are monitors to watch for this fraudulent activity. There may not be any bouncers or cameras, but some sites have sophisticated tactics in place to prevent this particular brand of cheating from happening to the honest poker players. 
  4. Collide or Collusion. This is the most common way someone can cheat at poker.  One player uses several “shared” computers. He and other fine, upstanding individuals all have the same information. This is also known as “foot-sawing.” One of the players with the weaker hand feeds his co-conspirator information, yet remains in the game, all the while convincing the others to “up” their bets. 

Be aware of these people who know how to cheat at poker. The vast majority are caught and they get their IP addresses banned and their accounts closed, but there are many more that are waiting to sit down at your next poker table. It would seem that for some, the promise of easy money is simply too tempting to resist.

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