How To Check Alcohol In Liquor

Learning how to check the alcohol in liquor is easy once you have a general idea how to do it. There are ways to read the label for the percentage of alcohol in liquored drink; however, the process can go beyond simply reading the packaging if you wish to check the proof strength of your drink of choice.

To check the alcohol in liquor you will need:

  • alcohol by volume or proof
  • calculator
  1. Read the packaging on the liquor bottle. Look for the alcohol by volume weight which to check the alcohol in liquor. The number is usually displayed at the bottle right hand side of the package. However, it might also appear in the middle of the seal.
  2. Multiply the alcohol by volume weight by two. By multiplying the amount of alcohol by volume weight by two on your calculator, you will figure the amount of proof that is in your liquor. For example, if the alcohol by volume weight is 42, and you multiply this number by two, the amount would come out to 84 proof.
  3. Check your alcohol by volume weight if you only have the proof amount. If you only have the amount of proof that is in your drink you can check the alcohol content  in your liquor by dividing the proof amount by 2. In the above example, the liquor has a proof of 84. You would divide the 84 by two to come up with 42–the alcohol by volume weight.



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