How To Check Bank Of America Account Balance Online

If you have a Bank of America account you will want to learn how to check your Bank of America account balance online. Checking your bank account balance online can be scary to some people, especially if they have never done it before. But rest assured, checking your Bank of America account balance online is both easy and secure.

To check a Bank of America account balance online you will need:

  • Bank Of America account
  • Your online ID
  • Your passcode
  • Internet access
  1. When you signed up for your Bank of America account, you were asked to create a personal ID and a password. These are the same ID and passwords you need to sign in to your online bank account. If you do not remember your ID or password, go to the bank and get the information you need.
  2. Turn your computer on and get on to the internet. Then go to the Bank of America home page. You will see a box at the top left of the page that says online banking. Here, there will be a place for you to enter your online ID and passcode.
  3. Make sure you use your own computer when you sign in to your personal bank account. You do not want a friend or coworker to have your personal information saved on their computer. Not everybody is trustworthy.
  4. Put your online ID into the appropriate box. Put your password in the appropriate space and hit the sign in button at the bottom of the sign in box. You have successfully made it into your online Bank of America account.
  5. There will be a listing of accounts you hold with Bank of America. Click on the account you want to know the balance of. As you click on an account, Bank of America will show you your account balance online.
  6. Check out all of your account balances online at the Bank of America site. Check for any errors in your account. Check through all the information and make sure it is correct. Call the bank if there are any problems with your account. Many bank accounts offer you free online bill pay through your account. You have now checked your Bank of America account balance online.
  7. When you are finished, make sure you sign out of your account. After you have finished checking your Bank of America balances, you will realize the process was much easier than you thought.
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