How To Check The Belt On E-Z-GO Golf Carts

If your E-Z-Go golf cart is in need of some maintenance, you will want to know how to check the belt on E-Z-GO golf carts.  It is a pretty simple process that will go quickly once you gain access to the belt to be able to do a thorough check.

What you will need

  • Philips head screwdriver
  • 2 flat head screwdrivers
  1. The first thing you want to do is pop off the front hood of your E-Z-Go golf cart. This should be pretty easily done by unscrewing it from any screws it may have on the sides, top, or bottom. There shouldn’t be any more than five or six Philips head screws holding the hood to the E-Z-Go Golf cart. After you get the screws out, use the two flat head screwdrivers to wedge off the hood from the E-Z-Go Golf cart. Be sure to put all of the parts you pull off of your E-Z-Go Golf cart in a safe area where they won’t be lost.
  2. After you have pulled the hood off of your E-Z-Go Golf cart, it’s time to check the belt. The belt should be in plain sight where you can access it easily. The things you want to check for on the belt is whether there is debris or other materials on it that could be making it work hard. Also check it’s tightness over the loop that spins it. After you have checked the belt on the E-Z-Go Golf cart, determine if it needs fixing.
  3. Put the hood back on the E-Z-Go Golf cart. Just pop all of the tabs into place of the hood and screw the Philips head screws back into their original spots.
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