How To Check Car Battery

It is always good to check your car battery, at least once a month for maintenance. There are several things you will need to check when it is time to service it. See what they are, as you read all of the helpful tips below.

Yyou will need:

  •  Battery voltage meter
  •  Battery
  •  Car
  •  Terminal cleaner (For Battery)
  •  Water     
  •  Cleaning rag      
  1. Use a battery test voltage meter. You can buy these from your local commercial auto parts store for as little as ten dollars. They tend to last long if you take care of them properly after each usage. The voltage tester will have a red and black testing prongs. You will place the black one on the negative terminal of your battery. The red one you will place on the positive section of the battery's terminal. Once you do this the lights on the tester should read no less than 13.5 volts or the battery is bad or their is a problem with your alternator.  Note: This particular testing of the battery is for when the car is turned on.
  2. Checking the battery when the car is off. If the battery tests at 12 or 12.5 volts with the car turned off, the battery is good. Anything below this would mean it is bad and needs to be replaced by a new battery.
  3. Remove corrosion off of terminals. When battery terminals become corrosive, they become caked with a greenish-white substance that doesn't allow for a proper charge to go to the engine and to the car. They should be checked regularly to avoid this problem. There are terminal cleaners that you can buy from auto part stores that are as cheap as 8 dollars.
  4. Check water levels in battery reservoir. Over time the water levels will get low inside the battery's water reservoir. To refill, pull the rectangular cap off of the top of the battery. You will now see three cylindrical spaces for you to add water, so that the battery can keep its charge. Once you fill the three reservoirs, snap close cover tightly.
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