How To Check Fuel Pump On 1991 Buick Park Ave

Wondering how to check the fuel pump on a 1991 Buick Park Avenue? The 1991 Buick Park Avenue is a fuel-injected vehicle which relies on a fuel pump being located inside the fuel tank. While it may seem an impossible task, replacement is a fairly straightforward procedure, but care needs to be taken as fuel will still be present inside the tank. Protective eyewear will protect you from any possibility of sparks occurring. A socket set, a flathead and Phillips screwdriver and a jack will be needed to remove and replace the fuel pump.

What you'll need:

  • A car jack
  • A drip pan
  • A socket set
  • Phillips and flathead screwdriver
  1. Disconnect the negative battery lead and secure it away from the terminal. Locate the fuel tank filler neck and remove three Phillips headscrews to release the filer.
  2. Open the trunk and peel back the carpet covering the fuel tank side. There are three clips which need to hook the trim panel retainers in place.
  3. Remove another three screws from inside the car at the trunk floor where the filler pipe goes through.
  4. Jack up or lift the car using a car ramp and secure it in place.
  5. The electrical connectors need to be disconnected from the sender and the fuel pump itself. These connectors use squeeze connectors which need to be pressed together. Pull the electrical connector off.
  6. There are three evaporation hoses which need to be removed. The evaporation hoses are only held on by clips and are easily removed.
  7. Remove the overflow hose, filler vent and filler neck from the car. Remove the fuel line from the filter housing.
  8. The fuel tank is ready to be removed from the car. Use a jack with a chain or strap to secure the fuel tank. Lower the tank from the car by lowering the jack and pushing it towards the front of the car.
  9. With the fuel tank on the floor you can siphon out the fuel and remove the anti-rollover valve. Once you remove the valve you will see the fuel pump. Remove the screws and electrical connectors from the pump.
  10. Squeeze the connectors together at the sides of the pump and it will release the pump. Replace with a new fuel pump and wait for the click to ensure it has seated correctly.
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