How To Check If Blockbuster Movies Have Been Returned

If you rent movies from Blockbuster, you'll want to know how to check if Blockbuster movies have been returned. Maybe you loaned the movie to someone who promised to return it or perhaps you can't remember if you took the movie back or mailed it off; either way, there are a couple of ways you can check the status of your movie.  If you rented the movie from a physical store, you can contact the store. If you are a Blockbuster Online member, there are a two ways you can check to see if the movie was returned. It takes only a few minutes to check.

  1. For in-store rentals, find the store's phone number. The phone number should be on your Blockbuster membership card, but if you can't find the card, then use a phone book or enter the store in a search engine to find the number.
  2. Call the store. After you find the phone number for the Blockbuster store where the movies were checked out, give them a call.
  3. Inquire about the status of the movie. Give the Blockbuster associate you speak with the name your account is under and ask the associate to check and see if your movies were returned.
  4. For online rentals, first check your email. Usually when Blockbuster receives a movie, they send you an email alert letting you know the movie was checked in. Log on to your email account and see if you can find the email alert for the movie you wanted to check on.
  5. Log on to your online account. Go to Blockbuster Online and sign in to your account using your email address and password.
  6. Check your queue. After you log in, click the "My Queue" box to see the movies you have checked out. If a movie hasn't been returned, it will show up in the section labeled "At Home." If the movie isn't listed there, then it has been returned.



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