How To Check My Bank Account

If you are wondering "how to check my bank account?" you have several options to choose from. All of the available options to check your bank account balance are easy, so you can choose whichever way you prefer.

You will need the following

  • Bank card and secret pin number
  • Mailing address
  • Cell phone with texting enabled (optional)
  • User name and password with your bank account's Website (optional)


  1. The most basic way to check your bank account is to read the account balance sent to you in the mail every month. If you are not anxious about over-drafting or fraud, you can wait until you get your statement in the mail. Your bank will inform you about how much money is left in each account and what charges were made.
  2. You can also check your balance by visiting your bank in person. If you slide your bank card and put in your pin number, a teller can give you a receipt with your bank account balances. Some banks may ask for more information, so have other identification (such as bank account numbers) ready just in case.
  3. If convenient, you can check your account balance at an ATM machine. You can insert your card, put in your pin number, and check your balances. You can also view your account balances after depositing money or taking money out of your accounts at an ATM. This is most convenient if you need to go to the ATM anyway.
  4. If you prefer to do errands online, you can check your bank account balance at your bank's Website. Bank Websites are very convenient because they allow banking customers to view their account balances, transfer money, pay bills, and change information all at one convenient site. You will need to sign on with a user name and password in order to access this information, however.
  5. For some banks, you can text "BAL" to your bank to get your bank account balance. This may not be worth it if you are charged for individual texts. However, if you are out shopping and not near one of your bank's ATMs, it can allow you to check your balance to make sure that you are not overspending.



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