How To Check Oil Level On Your 250 Ninja

Learning how to check oil level on your 250 Ninja can seem very difficult at first. Knowing how to check oil level on your 250 Ninja is a simple matter of looking the right place. Unlike many other bikes or cars, learning how to check oil level on your 250 Ninja is not done by checking a dipstick. The manufacturers of the 250 Ninja created another method of checking the oil level on your Ninja.

  1. Prepare the bike. Turn off you're the engine on your 250 Ninja. Wait at least thirty minutes after the last use of your 250 Ninja before checking the oil to ensure that the engine is no longer hot. Place the 250 Ninja on the center stand and ensure that your Ninja is on level ground.
  2. Locate the sight glass. Locate the sight glass for checking the oil on your 250 Ninja. Look at the bottom of the left side of your Ninja. Just above the location of the pedal you should notice a small glass window with oil inside.
  3. Check the oil level. Locate the lines at the top and bottom of the sight glass on your 250 Ninja. These two lines indicate the low and high levels for oil on your Ninja. Ensure that the oil level is at least half way or above in the sight glass.
  4. Add oil. Add oil if the level is below half way on your 250 Ninja. Avoid filling the oil all the way to the top. Once the oil level is half way or above, you are ready to go ride your 250 Ninja.


  • Check oil frequently, especially if you ride at high-speed.
  • Check oil more frequently on your 250 Ninja than you do on your car.



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