How To Check Out A Used Rhino ATV

You should find out how to check out a used Rhino ATV before you make an offer to buy one. ATVs are often mistreated by their owners, or simply become rundown from wear and tear. The ATV may have hidden mechanical problems, even if it appears to be in good condition. Yamaha is the manufacturer, so you may want to request the seller to have a used Rhino ATV inspected by a qualified Yamaha mechanic.

  1. If you have a used Rhino ATV inspected, ask for a copy of the report. Find out what needs to be fixed, and get the seller to make the repairs or lower your purchase offer to cover the expenses. You may want to get an estimate on your own, instead of relying on the owner to provide you with one if they do not intend to have the repairs handled.
  2. When you check out a used Rhino ATV, see how it handles. Drive the ATV over the type of terrain you intend to use it on. Even if the ATV performs well when you give it a test, you should still consider having it checked out by a professional, unless you are familiar with how to fix a used Rhino ATV.
  3. Find out if the used Rhino ATV is still under warranty. If the ATV is still relatively new, there may be some coverage remaining. Ask the seller to give you the warranty information, and contact the company to find out if it is still valid.
  4. Look online to find the value of a used Rhino ATV. If you are going to make an offer to buy once you check out a used Rhino ATV, use the online pricing report to help you determine the price to offer the seller. Find the trade-in value, and if the ATV is in good condition, you can use that as a starting point in the negotiations. Subtract any repairs that need to be made from the trade-in price, unless the seller is paying for the repairs out of their pocket.
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