How To Check Router

Knowing how to check a router is useful if you are experiencing problems with your network or with connecting to the internet. If you are using a home network, you can check the router to see if it is working properly. This is done easily by looking at the router for problems, as well as by checking the router's software. The indicator lights on a router can help when determining what is wrong before you try changing router settings or viewing them. Follow these steps to check a router to make sure it is working properly.

  1. If your router is working correctly normally, a fast way to try to fix it is to turn it off and on again. This is one of the more simple ways to reset the device and is often helpful.
  2. Check the router indicator lights. On almost all routers, if you have a wired connection, there should be a green light corresponding to the connection to your  computer. If this is not the case, try unplugging the Ethernet cable, then reinsert the cable into the same port on the router. This can reset the connection.
  3. A more advanced way to check a router is by using its software. This can be accessed using a web browser on a computer connected to the router. You will need to use the documentation for your router to find the address to enter to access it. You will also need to know the username and password, which can be found in the router's documentation. 
  4. Type the address into your web browser's address bar to access the router. Enter the username and password when prompted.
  5. From the router's software page, you can view a lot of different information about the status of the router. Use the labeled links to access the information you are interested in.

If you cannot access the router through the web browser, you can usually reset the router by using a paper clip to press the reset button. This should reset the router to the default settings.


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