How To Check Transmission Fluid On Audi A4 2001

Knowing how to check transmission fluid on Audio A4 2001 is important for standard maintenance on your vehicle. You should check the transmission fluid periodically to make sure you have no leaks and that it does not have any foreign material in it, which would signal a fluid leak. It is a bit more complicated to check the transmission fluid on your Audi since there is no transmission dipstick. Instead you must drain a bit out of the transmission and inspect it. Follow these steps to check the transmission fluid on your Audi A4, 2001.

To check your 2001 Audi A4 transmission fluid, you will need:

  • Jack
  • 17MM hex key
  • Drain pan
  1. Start the engine and drive the car for approximately 15 minutes. This warms up the temperature of the transmission and transmission fluid to normal operating temperature.
  2. Park the Audi A4. Shift through each of the gears, starting with "Park," one at a time. Place the vehicle in "Park." Leave the engine running.
  3. Jack up the front of the car so that you have access to the automatic transmission drain plug. Locate the fill plug.
  4. Place a draining pan beneath the transmission. Clean the drain pan so that you can properly inspect the transmission fluid from the car.
  5. Remove the fill plug on the drain pan using a 17mm hex key. If transmission fluid drains out of the fill plug then it has plenty of transmission fluid in the transmission. If not, you will need to add some using a special tool that siphons it into the transmission fill plug.
  6. Insert the fill plug back into the transmission. Tighten the fill plug and remove the drain pan. Inspect the transmission fluid for any foreign substance. The fluid should be red and clean.
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