How To Check Transmission Fluid In A Jetta

Volkswagen owners may want to learn how to check transmission fluid in a Jetta. Although most owners prefer taking their vehicles to a garage to have things checked over, some like to perform their own maintenance at home. A Volkswagen Jetta has a sealed transmission and does not have a dipstick. Read the steps below to accurately check transmission fluid levels in a Jetta.

To check the transmission fluid in a Jetta, you will need:

  • Transmission fluid
  • Jack
  • Jack stands
  • New service or transmission check plug
  1. Park the Jetta on level ground. Keep the car running.
  2. Jack car up and place jack stands underneath. Make sure the car remains level after the placing the jack stands.
  3. On the transmission there is a plug on the lower passenger side. This is referred to as the service plug.
  4. Pull the plug. If a small amount of fluid comes out, the transmission fluid level is good. If no fluid comes out, it means you need to add fluid.
  5. If transmission fluid in a Jetta is good, replace the service plug. Skip to step seven. If not, read on.
  6. If you need to add transmission fluid, locate the filler plug at the front of the transmission near the oil pan. Slowly add fluid until it begins to seep out the hole of the service plug. Replace plug when fluid level is correct.   
  7. Lower car from jack stands. Shut off engine.



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