How To Check Transmission Fluid Level For Ford Escort 1997

Do you need to know how to check the transmission fuel level for a 1997 Ford Escort? Check the transmission fluid level in a 1997 Ford Escort as part of a regular maintenance schedule. In order to shift smoothly and keep a transmission in good order, transmission fluid level must be at capacity at all times. Checking transmission fluid levels, an easy and inexpensive alternative to transmission replacement, requires monthly checks.

  1. Start the engine of the 1997 Ford Escort and allow it warm up for ten minutes prior to checking transmission fluid level. Make sure the car is in "park" with the emergency brake on.
  2. Open the hood.
  3. Locate the transmission dipstick-towards the front of the 1997 Ford Escort engine, next to the battery. The top of the dipstick is yellow.
  4. Pull the dipstick straight up and out of the transmission tube. Use the circle finger pull for leverage.
  5. Wipe the transmission fluid dipstick off with a rag.
  6. Re-insert the dipstick into the transmission tube. Insert the dipstick as far as it will go.
  7. Pull the dipstick back out of the tube. Look at the dipstick. If the fluid reaches the full mark on the dipstick, transmission fluid is not required. If the transmission fluid reaches the add mark, add one pint of transmission fluid at a time. Pour the transmission fluid directly into the same tube where the dipstick was removed on the Ford Escort. Re-insert the dipstick. Remove the dipstick and if the transmission fluid level still shows add, add one pint. Continue this process until the transmission fluid level reads full.
  8. Re-insert he dipstick, close the hood and turn the ignition off.

In order to maintain smooth transmission gear shifting in a 1997 Ford Escort, keep up fluid levels in the transmission. Improper transmission fluid levels lead to transmission failure which is a major auto repair. Proper transmission fluid levels ensure a longer transmission life for a 1997 Ford Escort.

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