How To Check Voicemail From Another Phone

Learning how to check your voicemail from another phone is incredibly simple. Voicemail is indispensable in the modern age of communication, but you may not always have access to your main device. Whether your phone has ran out of battery, is lost or you simply, for whatever reason, just don’t have it on you, all you need to do is press a few simple buttons to hear your voice messages. There is very little variation between carriers and phone lines, so the following instructions should for most part apply universally to any device.

To be able to check voicemail from another phone, you will need:

  • A person who will let you borrow his/her phone
  • Your phone number
  • Your voicemail’s password
  1. Dial your phone number. You can do this from a land line as well as a cell phone. Let your phone ring until it reaches your voicemail message.
  2. Upon reaching your voicemail greeting, hit the “Star” button. The star button has an asterisk on it; press this button and you’ll hear a keypad dial.
  3. Wait for the prompt that instructs you to punch in your voicemail’s password. If you have any questions regarding your voicemail password, contact your phone service provider.
  4. Upon entering your password, you’ll receive your messages and you’ll be able to handle the cell phone as if it were your own. Listen, save, delete and/or create your own messages the way you usually would if you were your own device.
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