How To Check Voicemail On A BlackBerry 8220

In order to know how to check voicemail on a BlackBerry 8220, you must first make sure you have voicemail added to your account. Without the voicemail feature added to your cell phone account people will not be able to leave you messages when they call you and you will have nothing to retrieve. To check your voicemail on a BlackBerry 8220 you only have to do a few steps, it is very easy to do, even the technology impaired can do it.

  1. If someone leaves you a message on your voicemail a small icon will appear. on your BlackBerry home screen. The icon resembles a cassate tape, it is two small horizontal circles, connected by a line.
  2. Hold the number "1" key down to connect with your voicemail when the icon appears. You will more than likely also have an icon for a missed call if you have a voicemail.
  3. Follow the voice prompts. This will tell you how to further listen to your message and it will also tell you how to setup your voicemail. It usually only requires a few buttons to push and the voice prompts will walk you through the complete process.
  4. Once you listen to the message the icon will disappear. You must end the phone call just like any other phone call. If you would like to have visual voicemail contact your cell phone provider for further details and to see if it is offered on your plan. Now you should never miss a message, now that you know to check voicemail on a BlackBerry 8220.
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