How To Check Wii Board Batteries

Learning how to check Wii board batteries will help you stay in the game and on your balance board for as long as possible.  You don't want to be in the middle of your "Wii Fit" workout only to find that you need to change the batteries between reps.  The less time you spend worrying about your board, the more time you have to enjoy your games and workouts.  Follow these simple steps to check your batteries and you'll be back on the board in no time.
  1. Check your battery placement.  Maybe you were in a hurry to get back to your lunges and side planks, but you can't start your Wii board fun if the batteries are in the wrong place.  Remove the battery cover on the underside of the balance board, and make sure each of the four AA batteries is correctly installed, matching the positive (+) and negative (-) battery ends with their respective slots in the accessory.  Replace the battery cover and set down the board.
  2. Turn on the Wii balance board.  Once your batteries are correctly installed, it's time to test the accessory.  Push the power button on the front of the board.  If you have working batteries, the light should turn blue.
  3. Are you in sync?  In order to check your board batteries, the Wii itself needs to recognize the board.  Chances are, the balance board is already in sync; if not, open the Wii SD slot located on the front of the console as well as the battery cover on the board.  With a board-compatible game inserted, start the game and press the red "sync" button on the balance board.  Notice the board power button blinking; next, press the red "sync" button on the console, and wait for the board's power button to stop blinking.  A steady blue light means the board is now in sync.
  4. Check the battery power level.  With the board powered on, press the "home" button on the Wii remote.  The balance board battery level will show up in the "P4" spot on the menu screen, and the more bars you see, the more power you have available.  A red status bar indicates you need to replace the batteries, while a white status bar means you're good to go.  If you followed these easy steps, you will be back on your board and ready to play.
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