How A Chef’s Jacket Should Fit

Culinary students should know how a chef’s jacket should fit before placing an order for their personalized chef’s jacket. Before ordering a chef’s jacket for the first time, if at all possible, go to a store that carries chef supplies and attire to try one on in person prior to ordering from a catalog or online. This will help to ensure that a proper size and fit is acquired.

A chef’s jacket, above anything else, should be as comfortable as possible while fitting somewhat snuggly. The jacket should move with you and not be restricting; with the jacket on, practice several reaching and stretching movements to evaluate the fit. In some cases, the next larger size should be considered as some chef’s jackets will shrink over time due to frequent washing.

When determining how a chef’s jacket fits, be certain to button the jacket all the way to the top button with the sleeves down to evaluate the fit of the jacket. If the neck or the arm openings are slightly snug, the next size up is recommended. With the jacket on and buttoned, cross your arms in the front and then stretch arms straight out in front of you to ensure the jacket freely flows with your movement.

When trying on a chef’s jacket, be sure to wear something comparable to what you will be wearing while cooking under the jacket. Clothing worn under a chef’s jacket should not show through the jacket, nor should any writing, logo or pattern be visible.


Austin Community College: Culinary FAQs

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