How To Chew Tobacco

Some things you should know before we tell you how to chew tobacco. It wrecks your teeth. It causes cancer. It's disgusting. It's not a safe alternative to cigarettes. Sure, you've heard the warnings and dangers about chewing tobacco and frankly, you're tired of hearing about it. All you want to know is how to start chewing. Whether you want to pick up the habit because you're sick of getting the evil eye from non-smokers when you light up in public or you just want a new hobby, here's how you begin chewing tobacco.

  1. Purchase chewing tobacco. Gas stations, tobacco stores, liquor stores and even Wal-Mart sell chewing tobacco. 
  2. Open the pouch. If you have plug container, carefully tear the cellophane away. Keep the cellophane handy–you will need it to re-seal the package to keep the tobacco fresh. 
  3. Choose an amount to chew. If using a pouch, pinch enough tobacco out of the pouch using your index finger and thumb. Roll the tobacco into a small ball. If you are using a plug container, bite off an inch-size piece.
  4. Open your mouth and place the chew in your jaw next to your cheek. Either side of the mouth is fine.
  5. Seal the package up by pressing down on the pouch's seal and for plugs, re-wrap the package in cellophane. Place the tobacco in your pocket. When you sit down on it, the tobacco flattens, making the tobacco stick together nicely for future use.
  6. Begin moving the tobacco around in your cheek–this is what is commonly referred to as "chewing." When the tobacco moves around in your mouth, it mixes with your saliva, allowing you to savor the juices and get the nicotine in your system.  Do not actually bite the tobacco–biting the tobacco takes away its flavor quickly. 
  7. Spit when too much juice accumulates in your mouth. Keep a cup handy, especially if you are chewing tobacco indoors. Never swallow the juice–swallowing can cause indigestion, a sore throat or induce vomiting. 
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