How To Chill A Silver Champagne Bucket

Want to know how to chill a silver champagne bucket? A classic and sleek, silver champagne bucket adds an elegant touch to any special occasion. The process of chilling the silver champagne bucket is a relatively simple one that shouldn’t take much time at all to complete.

  1. Clean the silver champagne bucket. You will first want to wipe the silver champagne bucket clean and rinse out the interior before you begin. Be sure to avoid leaving fingerprints on the outside of the bucket as you prepare it to chill. A silver champagne bucket automatically calls for some level of perfection.

  2. Fill the bucket with ice. Resist the temptation to fill the bucket all the way up to the top, you have to leave space for the bottle. Filling the silver champagne bucket about three-quarters of the way full with fresh ice is usually the best guideline. Silver champagne buckets are typically made of stainless steel, a material that will hold the temperature of the ice well.

  3. Properly place the champagne. You will generally want to start with a cold bottle of champagne so that the silver champagne bucket is maintaining the temperature as opposed to bringing it down from room temperature. Nestle the champagne bottle down into the ice instead of allowing it to sit on top. This will allow it to chill on all sides and stay at optimal temperature. You may notice beads of condensation forming on the outside of the silver champagne bucket; this is normal and not a problem, just be careful not to place the bucket anywhere that shouldn't be exposed to a little moisture. Once in the bucket, the champagne should stay cool until you are ready to enjoy it. 



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