How To Chip A Soccer Ball

Learning how to chip a soccer ball is not as easy as a task as you may think. In addition, the definition of a chip varies. The directions here on chipping a soccer ball relates to the forward movement of a soccer ball off a pass or rebound to provide an advantage to a teammate. Many articles on chipping a soccer ball seem to center around a type of “kick” similar to the action of a chipping wedge in golf.

Chipping a soccer ball is a technique that pushes a ball either forward or to the side to a teammate allowing them to move quickly towards the opponent’s goal. Let us look at the technique of chipping a soccer ball a little closer.

  1. There are two types of chips, those coming to the player on the ground and those in the air. Both require the same technique in chipping the soccer ball.
  2. As the ball approaches position yourself as if to take possession.
  3. When your teammate approaches, anticipating you winning possession provide quick verbal direction, such as “push up” or “outside.” This will notify them of your intent to chip the ball to them.
  4. As the ball closes slightly move your body in the direction, you are chipping.
  5. You are ready to perform a chip keep in mind there are several variations:

    • Foot Chip: using the inside of your foot allowing the ball to contact the cleat, which should be facing the direction you want the chip to go. As the ball contacts the cleat, allow some give to send the chipped ball the direction you desire.
    • Head Chip: either meet the ball in the air or allow it to come to you, in either case as the ball contacts top portion of your head, flick your head in the direction you want the chip to travel.
    • Chest Chip: requires the teammate to be much closer. In this chip of the soccer ball, use your chest to direct the ball to your teammate to receive.
  6. Once complete push up to support your teammate and ensure possession.

Chipping a soccer ball is not an easy task but it is something every soccer player can learn over time. Chipping is a fast-paced way to move the ball forward off a pass or deflection. Chipping is a vital tool to have in your arsenal and will keep defenders on their toes and provide you with a greater advantage.

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