How To Choose Adult Football Shoulder Pads

Don't know how to choose adult football shoulder pads? Choosing adult shoulder pads is an important process. Shoulder pads are used to protect the football player's neck and shoulders during contact. There are a variety of shoulder pads broken down by size, age and position. While the pads are designed to protect, choosing the right size for the right position helps prevent injuries. Here’s a guide on how to pick out adult shoulder pads.

  1. The first step is to make a trip to a sporting goods store. Many sports stores have a wide variety of adult shoulder pads to choose from.  Go to your favorite sporting good's store or call a few before heading out to make sure they carry the shoulder pads.
  2. The next step is determining your size. This is done by taking a measuring tape and measuring the distance from shoulder to shoulder across your back. Have a store associate or a friend take the measurement. From the measurement, a right size is determined from a sizing chart. Most stores have sizing charts available; you can also find them online.
  3. After determining the size, the next step is picking out pads by position. Shoulder pads are designed based on the position of the football player. For skill positions, such as cornerback, running back and wide receiver, the player wants a lightweight pad, which allows them the flexibility they need. Offensive and defensive linemen need should pads with fewer flaps. This reduces the chances of an opposing player grabbing on.
  4. You should try on the pad to see how it feels. Most shoulder pads have elastic straps that go from the backs of the pads and hook into the front slots. Once the shoulder pads are on, make sure they cover your collarbone area but do not squeeze around your neck. Move around to acclimate yourself to them.
  5. After purchasing them, make sure to double check them before all events. Over time, shoulder pads may loosen and need tightening. 
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