How To Choose Amp For Subwoofer

To get the best possible sound from your car stereo system, it's important to know how to choose an amp for a subwoofer.  Pairing the right amplifier with your specific subwoofers is crucial to making the most of both your amp and subwoofer.  By doing a bit of research and shopping around, choosing the best amp for a subwoofer will provide lasting sound quality in your car stereo.

  1. Find out how much power your subwoofers require.  Refer to the documentation or manual for your specific subwoofer to determine the suggested power rating.  This will vary based on the size and brand of subwoofer you are using.  The RMS power rating is the key specification here.  Be sure to select an amp with a similar or greater RMS power rating than your subwoofers.  It's always better to provide more power than necessary to your subwoofers than not enough.
  2. Learn the impedance specifications of your subwoofers.  This is a number of ohms, generally two or four.  While it's possible to bridge an amplifier to change the impedance, purchasing an amplifier with the same impedance rating as your subwoofers will make installation a bit easier.
  3. Determine the space you have in your vehicle.  While your subwoofer box will take up the majority of the space in your vehicle, it's important to pick an amp that will fit as well.  Amplifiers also need plenty of space for ventilation to prevent overheating.  Calculate the available space in your vehicle for the amp and keep that in mind when selecting the right one.
  4. Set a budget.  Amplifiers are available in numerous sizes, shapes and brands, each with their own price.  By setting a budget before you shop you can limit your options, saving time and money.
  5. Compare amplifiers at several stores.  Once you know a general idea of which amplifier you need for your subwoofers, you can begin to compare models.  Be sure each model you look at meets or exceeds your suggested RMS rating, is compatible with your impedance rating and will fit in the physical space available in your vehicle.  Narrow your search to two or three models, then shop around for the best price at various stores.  Once you've found the best deal and the best amp for your subwoofers, it's time to buy, install and enjoy the output of your new stereo system.
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