How To Choose An Antique Mens Ring

If you need to know how to choose an antique mens ring, there are several things to consider when making your decision. You will need to know whether to look for a gold or silver ring before you start your search. Decide what kind of stone the ring should have, if any. Try to find out the ring size before you choose an antique mens ring, so you do not buy one that is not a good fit.

  1. Try a local jewelry store to find an antique mens ring. Some stores carry both new and used rings for sale. If the store does not have any vintage rings, ask a clerk if they know where you can find some other stores and see if they can steer you in the right direction.
  2. Go to an antique shop to look for an antique mens ring. Some antique shops have jewelry for sale. See if you can find a ring to choose, or ask the owner if they know where else you can look.
  3. Search online for an antique mens ring. There are lots of online sellers that keep rings in stock. Choose a ring that you think the man will like, and make sure the size is right. Find out how much the shipping and handling charges are before you finalize the purchase. You may want to have the ring shipped special delivery, so you can sign for it when it arrives.
  4. Look in a jewelry magazine to choose an antique mens ring. Check the classified ads in the back of the magazine, and see if there are any antique rings to choose from. Compare the price to any online source you found. If the particular ring you choose is too expensive, you may be able to settle for a different one at the other source for a cheaper price.
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