How To Choose Bachelor Party Dancers

Learning how to choose bachelor party dancers is essential if you want to have a successful bash. Honestly, most guys out there will tell you that a bachelor party is not complete without a dancer or stripper. You can forgo so many other details, but if you do not hire a stripper, you just have a bunch guys sitting around in a room. This is important to avoid; so, if you want to give your buddy a party that he will remember for a lifetime, keep a few of these tips in mind when you set out to choose the bachelor party dancer. 

  1. Go to the local strip club and select a dancer. This is the best way to get a top of the line dancer. Many strip clubs will actually rent their girls out for the night.  No, this does not mean that hanky-panky will be included, it just means that these girls will come to a location of your choice and give you and your friends a private party. If you visit the strip club before the actually bachelor party, you may even have a chance to handpick the dancer, or better yet, dancers.
  2. Look online, or in the yellow pages. There are many bachelor party dancer services available to you. All it takes is a simple web search. Also, believe it or not, dancers are available in the yellow pages. If you decide to select your dancer from a data base on line, or from the telephone book, try and arrange a meeting ahead of time. This way you will be assured that you are getting exactly what you are paying for. 
  3. Make the dancer aware of your expectations. Too often, guys are disappointed because there bachelor party dancer did not do enough, or in some cases she did too much. This can be avoided if you tell the dancer exactly what you expect before hand. This way, if she is uncomfortable with that type of performance, she can decline the job and suggest someone else. 
  4. Get everything in writing, and make sure that there is a paper trail. Even if you have done all your homework and tried to select the most reputable bachelor party dancer service available, there is still a bit of risk involved. Make sure you get everything in writing. Yes, you will probably be required to make a down payment ahead, but do so with a credit card, not with cash.  This will make it easier it get a refund if the dancer backs out or provides poor service. 
  5. Have the dancer cater her routine to the bachelor. This is a private party, so the dance should be more intimate and individualized. Ask the dancer or stripper to do a dance specifically for your buddy. For instance, is he a doctor?  If so, a naughty little nurses outfit would be appropriate.  You should also keep any inside jokes and props in mind. 
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