How to Choose Baseball Bat Size

Whether stepping onto a Little League diamond or a Major League diamond, it is important that you know how to choose baseball bat size. A bat size too large can cause you to have trouble catching up to a pitcher’s fastball, while a bat size that is too small can leave you vulnerable to a pitch on the outside of the plate. Here are some tips on how to choose baseball bat size.

  1. Locate a baseball bat length size chart. To choose a baseball bat, locate one of the many baseball bat size charts available. These can be found in sporting goods stores and online. The grid will take into account the player’s height and weight and suggest a bat length for the player to use. Youth bats tend to run between 26 in. and 30 in. while adult bats run 30 in. to 34 in.
  2. Determine the weight of the bat. Another aspect you must consider when you choose a baseball bat is the weight of the bat. A baseball is propelled by a combination of bat speed and bat weight, or the total force that occurs on impact. Each bat length is made in several different weights, find the weight that feels comfortable for you to swing.
  3. Test out the baseball bat. To choose a baseball bat, it’s best to test out the bat (or one of  the same size and weight) in the actual batting cage. It’s all about your comfort level when you swing. If you can’t catch up with a fastball, then try a lighter bat. If that bat starts to feel like a tooth pick as you swing then try adjusting to a heavier bat.
  4. Select the baseball bat that works best for you. Now that you’ve compared size charts, felt a few different weights and tried the bats out in a batting cage, choose baseball bat size that works best for you!




  • Some players use lighter bats later in the game as their body becomes fatigued.
  • Some players choose baseball bat size according to the pitcher. If there is a hard thrower, they select a lighter bat. If they are facing a pitcher who throws a lot of off-speed pitches, they use a heavier bat.
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