How to Choose Baseball Cleats

At the start of every baseball season a lot of parents and players ask themselves a very important question, “how to choose baseball cleats?” After all there are so many brands on the market it can seem overwhelming to choose baseball cleats that are going to provide the best performance on the field. Well don’t fret, here are some tips on how to choose baseball cleats before you hit the field for practice or a game.


  1. Determine the playing surface for the baseball field. Most playing surfaces are made of grass or dirt. In this instance you’ll want to choose baseball cleats with spikes or cleats protruding from the bottom of the shoe. However some baseball fields are made of turf. For this type of field, you’ll want to buy indoor baseball cleats, or turf shoes. These shoes are more like a sneaker in the design of their sole.
  2. Choose between metal or rubber cleats. In many youth leagues only rubber cleats (sometimes called plastic) are allowed for safety reasons. Check with the rules of the league to determine which cleats you may buy. Usually metal cleats provide better traction than their rubber cleat counter-parts, so if you have the choice, buy metal.
  3. Select the color of the baseball cleats. Some teams require that their players buy cleats that match the color of their uniform. Before purchasing cleats determine the preferable color if there is any.
  4. Add screw in spikes to baseball cleats. Determine if you want additional screw-in spikes. Some baseball cleats have spikes that can be screwed in or out for additional support on the sole of the foot. These cleats can also have those spikes replaced if they wear down from use.
  5. Select the cleats for comfort. When trying to choose baseball cleats, remember the most important part. They must be comfortable. After all there’s no sense to choose baseball cleats that will have you feeling very uncomfortable out in the field. After sliding on the cleats be sure there is enough room for the width of your foot and that you can wiggle your toes comfortably, but not loosely.




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