How To Choose The Best MMA Punching Heavy Bag

How to choose the best MMA punching heavy bag is based on your needs. MMA heavy bags have nothing to do with skill level. MMA heavy bags are more about style and need. MMA heavy bags come in a variety of styles, shapes and forms. MMA heavy bags are still traditional to the boxing heavy bag. Do not get the MMA heavy bag confused with the other types of bags that may be construed as MMA heavy bags. MMA offers grappling bags along side their selection of heavy bags. MMA heavy bags are just that but due to the styles with in the sport offer different styles. Learning how to choose the best MMA heavy bag is invaluable to your style and needs.

  1. Check online or hit a local shop in your area that sells MMA heavy bags. Another suggestion would be to visit a gym or dojo to get a visual for what you are looking for. Check out the heavy bag section.
  2. Decision number one is where you will be placing the heavy bag. Heavy bags are either ceiling mounted or some can be purchased on stands. There is one exception and that is the heavy bag used for handling your opponent, sometimes referred to as a warrior heavy bag.
  3. Next and only other decision is the style. Heavy bags for MMA come in several styles. Traditional would be for striking, think boxing. If you are Muay Thai, you will want a longer and sleeker bag to double for clinch and knees. The final style is teardrop, which enable you to roll into a combination of the two.


  • Unless you are doing Muay Thai, a traditional bag is all you need.
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