How To Choose The Best Tennis Balls

Learning how to choose the best tennis balls for your needs is dependant upon a number of factors. It is important to take these factors into consideration when purchasing tennis balls. Follow these tips to choose the best tennis balls for your needs.

  1. Determine the surface you will be playing on primarily. You will need to take this point into consideration when purchasing tennis balls. Certain surfaces are more appropriate for certain types of tennis balls. Hard courts require balls with thick felt that can handle such contact. For indoor and clay courts, choose tennis balls with finer felt. 
  2. Your skill level is also relevant to the type of tennis ball to purchase. Beginning and professional tennis players should not be buying the same type of tennis balls. Pressureless tennis balls are easy to control, and are appropriate for amateur and recreational tennis players. Pressurized tennis balls are appropriate for professionals, as they bounce quickly and react well to surfaces.
  3. Official matches require a certain type of tennis balls. According to the International Tennis Federation (ITF), official tennis balls must be white or yellow seamless balls, with a bounce back level of 53 to 58 inches.
  4. Make the choice according to your skill level, playing skill, and budget. There are some general rules to follow according to your skill level and the surface of tennis games. Take these into consideration, along with your budget and what you personally prefer. Choose the best tennis balls for your needs to start enjoying the game of tennis.
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