How To Choose The Best TV Antenna

Are you stumped when it comes to how to choose the best TV antenna for your home? A website called AntennaWeb can help. AntennaWeb is a project of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB). Their online locater is designed to help you find the best outdoor antenna for your television. Follow these simple steps to help you choose the best TV antenna for your home.

  1. Access AntennaWeb online. To start your search for the best TV antenna, visit AntennaWeb online. Simply type the phrase "AntennaWeb" into the search bar of your favorite search engine. AntennaWeb should be the first entry on the search results page.
  2. Get familiar with the program. AntennaWeb offers a wealth of information on the mapping program, the CEA, and the NAB. Familiarize yourself with the program by selecting your subject of interest from the menu bar at the top of the page.
  3. Start your search. Near the middle of AntennaWeb’s home page is a button that reads, "Choose an antenna." Click the button to go to the AntennaWeb Locator page.
  4. Complete the web form. The locator page contains a web form requesting your physical address and other information about your location. To complete the form, type your answers to AntennaWeb’s questions and click the "Submit" button.
  5. Adjust the location map. The address you provide on the web form produces a map with an icon that represents the best estimate for your location. Adjust the map by dragging the icon to your exact location. AntennaWeb uses latitude and longitude to provide accurate calculations for the best antenna recommendation. Click "Continue" after adjusting the map.
  6. Discover your best antenna. Antenna size, type and direction determine television reception. AntennaWeb offers a conservative prediction of TV stations received at your location. Antenna types are color coded according to size and type. Click on the color coded "Antenna Type" to discover the best TV antenna for your home. Along with its recommendation, AntennaWeb provides an explanation of antenna reception patterns.
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