How To Choose A Bowling Ball

Players new to bowling often wonder how to choose a bowling ball. Finding your own ball helps you get into the sport. The ball and the shoes are the most interesting part of this athletic activity. Others that may choose your ball will not consider whether the weight is too heavy or consider your preferred aesthetics, which is way it's important to learn how to choose your own bowling ball!

  1. Judge heaviness. Pick a ball you can hold comfortably as an element of how to choose a bowling ball. View balls that weigh between six to sixteen pounds for the one that works for you.
  2. Try the gaps. Make sure your thumb, middle and ring fingers fit well in the openings of the bowling ball. Your fingers should slide in and out well without becoming stuck. Do not wear rings while holding bowling balls.
  3. Select a color. Choose the aesthetics you find most likable while continuing to choose a bowling ball. Consider one or multiple colors, one with glow-in-the dark properties or choose from a type of swirl pattern.
  4. Assess bulk. Carry the sphere around for a few steps to evaluate the ease of holding the ball in one hand while having fingers in the holes by the other. Judge if the size correct for you.
  5. Good luck. You have completed the steps to perform how to choose a bowling ball. Finding the right equipment can help anyone bowl a decent game. Fewer injuries occur with the right-sized gear.
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