How To Choose A Camp Kettle

Do you want to know how to choose a camp kettle? There´s a wide variety of camping gear in the market today. So many choices, that it´s sometimes hard to make up your mind, and get you to lose track of what you really need. To avoid wasting time and money, a little method can help.


  • A computer with Internet access.
  1. Determine which features you want the kettle to have, depending on your needs. Some parameters, design, materials, compatibility with other parts from the same manufacturer to form cooking systems, are present in every camp kettle and also define the price, performance and durability of that key piece of equipment.
  2. Weight: When traveling by foot, weight is a major problem. But a kettle too light will also tend to be less energy efficient, due to the heat inertia principle.
  3. Dimensions: Depending on the number of participants on your crew, thus the amount of hot liquid needed. You´ll have to decide the right size. For a single, a one quarter kettle may be enough, whereas you should calculate one quarter per person.
  4. Design: Newer designs, with the incorporation of a dome bottom, concentrate heat and boil water in incredible short time, but on the other hand, have less capacity. Finding the balance is the key.
  5. Material: State of the art kettles use very advanced materials. But with technology comes price raise, so again, weight your needs and availability of cash to decide whether you are going to choose a Halulite or a regular Aluminium kettle.
  6. Go online and browse a major camp hardware retailer´s website. At this point, you will see basic pictures and features of the kettle models available.
  7. Determine which brand and model or models you´d like. Major camping kitchenware brands are GSI Outdoors, that offers a wide variety of kitchenware, including latest generation materials and designs; Coleman, with the experience of more than a century manufacturing camping equipment; Jetboil provides state of the art heating systems, where energy efficient designs meet the most durable materials to form great expedition cooking systems; and REI, that manufactures and sells a wide variety of kettles made of different materials, covering every budget from the expensive and efficient Titanium to the more economic Teflon coated alloy.
  8. Use a web search engine to look for the specific kettle that you like. Sometimes a piece of equipment as seasonal as a camp kettle can be on sale on a website belonging to a small retailer, out of bounds. Browse the web, and scan every offer.
  9. Once you´ve chosen, it´s just a matter of getting in touch with the seller. And following the buying process.



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