How To Choose Champagne

Want to learn how to choose champagne? Champagne, otherwise known as sparkling wine, is becoming a favorite of any dinner table, so finding out how to choose champagne will make you look like a wine god to all those around you. There are so many different flavors and prices that can cause confusion as to which is the best choice. Sticking to a few simple rules, and understanding which flavors your guest might enjoy, and knowing which setting its being used for can help guide even the most confused shopper to a great bottle everyone will enjoy.

  1. Take a look at quality. If you have the chance to go to a wine store that has any champagne on display out of its bottle, take advantage. Taking a look at the actual champagne can give you an idea of its quality. The color should be golden with even a slight green tint, indicating that the grapes were at their peak. If the color has any brown tint to it, the grapes were past their peak and it will not hold the flavor. It also should have a clear view through the glass, with a stream of bubbles through the liquid. This is where sparkling comes from in the description.
  2. Determine how sweet the champagne needs to be for your needs. There will be different types of champagne on the shelf, so understanding how sweet each type is can help you choose which sparkling liquid  is right for you. Brut will be the driest, least sweet, the next is extra brut, which is actually dry like brut but with a bit more sweetness.  Sec is medium sweetness, and considered the middle of the road on champagnes and the sweet flavor. There is also demi-sec, which is a sweet champagne in the dessert wine family, and then doux, which is very sweet and always a dessert wine.
  3. Other then the types of champagne which designate its sweetness, there are names to the champagne that indicate how or what its made with. Anything with Rose in the title will give you the knowledge that there was some introduction of red wine, or red grape skin juice added. This will give it a slight hugh, but it still needs to be crisp and clear. Blanc de Blanc will be the clearest and have the least amount of color. It will also produce the softest flavor on the palate. You may see Cremant which is known to have a more full bodied mouth taste. 
  4. Using these few simple steps, you can ensure that no mater what price budget your working with, you will bring home a champagne that not only you but your guest will enjoy.
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