How To Choose Contact Lenses

There are so many questions you probably have on how to choose contact lenses, and there are so many answers. Because there are several choices for contact lenses, you should first see your doctor for an examination and get his perspective. You have choices from the contact lens color, to whether you have dry eyes, or if you want them to last a week or a month.

  1. See your eye doctor. The first thing you should do when you set out to choose contact lenses is to sit down with your eye doctor and see what your choices are. Your doctor may narrow your search down just due to your prescription, whether you have astigmatism, or you need bifocals for your presbyopia. Either way, make sure you have all your questions ready for when he has the time to speak with you.
  2. Check all of your options. Making sure that you check all of your options when you choose contact lenses is the most difficult part of all. There are so many options, and you do not want to be unhappy with your choice. Usually, when you go to your eye doctor, he can give you a couple to try before you buy. You also have the choice of getting free trials from the internet, or even if you call the makers of certain brands of contact lenses. Just do your research for your prescription, and your eye problem, and write a list for all that you come up with.
  3. Go over your list. Once you have all of your options on paper, go through it and check off the brands or types that intrigue you. If you are not intrigued by several, cross them off and forget about them. Once you have all of your "pro"s highlighted, go through what you can live without and what you're willing to forget about. If you have dry eyes, make sure you choose contact lenses that fit your needs. This is something several people suffer from, and there is no getting around it. If you cannot handle changing your contacts daily, and you would rather narrow it down to once a month, then make sure you circle all of the contacts available for extended wear.
  4. Try the samples, and free trials. Once you have all of your samples, make sure that you try them to help you choose contact lenses. As you wear them for the first, second and third time, make sure you write down what you like and cannot stand about them. If your eyes feel irritated in one brand, and they are itchy with the next, make sure you write that down. It does take a couple days, and possibly a week, for the contacts to get used to your eyes, so make sure you do not give up on a pair after the first day, because they may come back and surprise you.
  5. Keep your options open. You may have decided what your favorite pair is, but do not throw any of your information away. It took you some time to decide which contact felt the best, and the one that kept your eyes the least dry, and even which color eye looks best on you. Make sure you keep your contact lens information, whether it is kept in a file or hung on your wall, because in the end, you may want to change brands after a couple months. You do not want to go through all of that again, do you?


Learning how to choose contact lenses is not tough when you know all of your options and learn what you want and like. Make sure you keep adding to your list as new, updated contacts come out on the market, so you can save all of the hassle of starting from number one. Good luck, and here’s to contact lenses you love!

University of Michigan Eye Center

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