How To Choose Cotton Fabric For Zip Front Bathrobe

How to choose cotton fabric for a zip front bathrobe takes the time to ask yourself a few important questions. First of all, why in the world would you want a cotton zip front bathrobe. Once that question is answered, it's time to select some fine cotton for your new ensemble.

Making a cotton fabric zip front bathrobe doesn't take any special skill, but you will need the following.

  • a pattern, unless you're going totally free form and working from only the fabric


  1. Make a comparison list. Figure out the times when you wear your bathrobe. Sounds silly, but it's an important part in how to choose cotton fabric for zip front bathrobe. Determining when the bathrobe will be worn and in what season the robe is most popular, helps select the weight of the cotton fabric. Winter months, in cold climates, requires warmer cotton and hot summer months need a lightweight cotton fabric. Unless you're going to make one zip front bathrobe for each season, you'll need to decide on the most important season or pick a cotton fabric that meets in the middle.
  2. Pick up the bathrobe zipper. How to choose cotton fabric for a zip front bathrobe means the zipper will be up front and on display. Before selecting the fabric, you'll need to decide if you want to feature the zipper or if you want to use the fabric to cover the zipper under a flap. Fact it, the store undoubtedly doesn't have hundreds of choices for big bathrobe zippers. You'll probably need to pick from one or two choices. 
  3. Take your pattern and go shopping for fabric. The pattern gives you all the details. You might be able to pick a cotton fabric that has a design that runs on the diagonal or your pattern pick might mean you're stuck with a solid color due to the pattern layout requirements.
  4. Head to the fabric section for the main season for your robe. Terrycloth is usually grouped in one section in the store, but other cottons might be mixed according to the color of the fabric. Collect the fabric choices.
  5. Pick out some possible choices. Put bolts side by side to do a comparison test. How to choose cotton fabric for zip front bathrobe means selecting from choices that include terry cloth, twills, blended cottons, fleece, flannel, waffle and seersucker. Cotton velvet and velveteen might also work for how to choose cotton fabric for zip front bathrobe. 
  6. Do the hand test on the fabric. Checking for the weave pattern and looking at how the fabric flows is an important part of how to choose a fabric for a zip front bathrobe. This is a bathrobe so it will probably be used next to the skin. Be sure to check both sides of the fabric for softness. Cotton bathrobe fabric is normally absorbent, even when it's a zip front. Feel each fabric by holding the piece between the thumb and fingers. 
  7. Determine your washing preferences. If you like to wash frequently, consider a cotton fabric that doesn't have a raised nap, anything that sticks up above the fabric. Naps don't hold up as well as flat fabrics when washed many times. 
  8. Match your zipper to the fabric. A light fabric with a heavy zipper isn't going to work. A light zipper will break if used on heavy terry. Match the fabric choices to your zipper. 
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