How To Choose Cross Country Ski Boots

Before you buy new ski boot, learn about how to choose cross country ski boots. Expert skiers say that your cross country ski boots and binding are possibly more important than the skis themselves. Here are some things to consider when choosing cross country ski boots:

  1. Make sure your cross country ski boots fit your bindings. Many cross country ski boots and bindings are sold as a package. Some cross country ski boots are sold separately. If it is the case that you already have bindings, you will want to bring your bindings with you when you go shopping for ski boots or at least know the binding type (e.g. SNS or NNN). Make sure that the ski boots and bindings are compatible in how you step into them.
  2. Make sure your ski boots fit your feet. How your ski boots fit your feet is the most important aspect of buying a ski boot. After you step into the ski boots, fasten then snugly as you would do if you were cross country skiing. Make sure that your foot and ankle don't move around too much. Your toe should be touching the tip of the ski boot, but it shouldn't feel smashed into the front of the boot.
  3. Make sure your ski boots are supportive. Cross country ski boots should have more ankle support than all mountain ski boots. You ankles will be turning more, and you will encounter more uneven terrain. Your calves should also have a bit more "breathing room" than all mountain ski boots.
  4. Make sure your ski boots are appropriate for cross country skiing. You will want to look for a cross country ski boot that is lightweight enough that it will promote forward motion and not weigh you down. Cross country ski boots sometimes come with attachments for gaiters. This can be useful for creating a barrier against the snow.



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