How To Choose A Cufflinks Set

Knowing how to choose a cufflinks set means that you will have the right look to go with your suits and formal wear. Shirts with buttons to close the cuff are fine with sweaters and sports jackets. But with suits or formal wear a shirt with a linked cuff is the standard. A linked cuff requires a cufflinks set to close it.

If you want to choose a cufflinks set, you will need:

  • Shirt with a linked cuff
  • Cufflinks set
  1. Cufflinks should be double-sided. When you choose a cufflinks set be sure that is not one with only a closure on one side so the cufflinks set looks good from any angle.
  2. A cufflinks set with jewels should only be worn for evening events. For daytime wear a gold or silver cufflinks set. Or choose a cufflinks set with an inlay of natural materials such as ivory or jade.
  3. For a modern take, try a cufflinks set with some color or in an unusual shape. Silver links with hand-blown glass tips, or shapes such as skulls or peace symbols are easy to find, even at a fine jeweler.
  4. Silk knots are alternative to a traditional cufflinks set. Although inexpensive a silk knot cufflinks set is always in style.
  5. Another kind of cufflink to consider is a chained cufflink. This British design has two ornamental sides that are connected by a chain.
  6. Consider buying a vintage cufflinks set. Vintage cufflinks can be a distinctive way to show your style as many sets will be unique compared to the modern versions available.
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