How To Choose Goggles For Snowboarding

Learning how to choose goggles for snowboarding can be a difficult task for the novice snowboarder. Don't make the mistake of purchasing snowboarding goggles for the "cool factor" or just price. This protective gear for your eyes needs to fulfill practical requirements to ensure safety. Research on snowboarding goggles before making a purchase assures that you will make an educated decision. The directions below guide on what to look for when buying snowboard goggles.

  1. Consider the lens. The first step in how to choose goggles for snowboarding includes attention to features for the lens. Goggles with double lenses have less fogging. Think about weather conditions when deciding on eyewear. Yellow lenses are best in cloudy and turbulent conditions, while an orange is suited for sunny days. Modulator lenses are advantageous because they modify depending on outside light conditions.
  2. Choose a frame. Look for frames that are stretchy. Eye protection made from a malleable material allows for a better fit. Consider frames that have covered air portals that reduce vision fog.
  3. Find the right fit. Knowing how eye wear should fit is important in the process of choosing goggles. Make sure sports safety glasses fit secure when worn with a helmet or other head protection. Try the specs on to ensure there are no openings in which air can seep in and create dry eyes.

The above steps helped you in how to choose goggles for snowboarding. Consider all the above before purchasing protective eye gear.



Many prefer lenses made from polycarbonate

Look for lenses that contain anti-scratch and fog coating

If you wear prescription glasses, make sure goggles fit over them



Wipe inside of goggles may destroy anti-fog coating




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